Easy Eclectic Style

Eclectic Styling

There are so many different and beautiful interior looks you can go for when setting up your home that it can be really hard to commit to just one. From Hamptons, mid-century modern, industrial, French country or Scandi, to name just a few, there are so many options when it comes to interior styling these days.

However, a dedicated adherence to a certain style can end out leaving your interiors lacking individuality and character and potentially looking very similar to your friends, neighbours and relatives’ styles.

If you want to stand out from the crowd a little more by making your style your own, or even if you find it hard to choose which path to take when it comes to interior decorating, then an eclectic look might be for you. 

Take the best elements of all the styles that you love and put them together in a cohesively haphazard way. Quirky, interesting and unexpected, eclectic styling can really elevate your interiors in a distinctive way without being over the top eccentric, if you do it right.

To coordinate your eclectic style in a cohesive manner, just keep these guidelines in mind.

Choose Your Anchor

To keep the look of your eclectic style cohesive, deciding on a consistent factor like your colour palette really helps. A colour palette can help connect your eclectic décor into a consolidated style. Another great way to centre your look is with a significant feature piece such as a very colourful rug or a dramatic art piece. Without an anchor, your décor can otherwise appear disorderly and disparate.

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Find Your Balance

Arrange your pieces in some sort of symmetrical way to gain some design balance. Even if your furniture and decor accessories are from different time periods and styles, you can find a commonality through other components such as shape, colour, pattern and texture. Even by playing with contrast of patterns, you can create a linear and composed feel to your interior style. Eclectic style is not meant to feel random but instead seeks to have some congruity to draw the contrasting collectables together in design unity.

Don’t Overdo It

Eclectic does not necessarily mean maximalist. You don’t need an excessive amount of art, décor or furniture. Eclectic style is about bringing seemingly opposing elements together in a harmonious manner. It is not about creating clutter. Maximalist style can of course work with eclectic style, but it is not a prerequisite, and you definitely don’t want to overdo your statement pieces if you want to make it work.

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Mix Your Materials

A great way to create an eclectic style is by mixing your materials. Use glass, wood, stone, ceramic, leather, velvet, fur, rattans and all sorts of metals and other fabrics to bring diversity to your décor. It can be an understated way to create an eclectic look, particularly if you go with a neutral colour palette.

Have Fun

Above all, have some fun and take some risks with your choices as that is really the whole point of eclectic style. Upholster a timely piece with a modern funky fabric or pair a modern print with an old-style frame. Add elements as time goes by such as objets d’art or travel souvenirs to really bring a unique flavour to the ambiance of your home. The possibilities really are endless which is what make it so interesting. Eclectic style is also a timeless style that endures because it appears organic and slowly evolved, which is really how your décor and sense of style should manifest.