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Blockout Curtains

Blockout curtains are not only functional, providing room darkening, sound proofing and insulation to your rooms, but the heavy fabric also gives a beautiful drape that can suit formal styles.

Blockout curtains have huge scope for interior design being available in so many designs whether it be simple or intricate. Just in terms of style, if you are looking to create a unique look, blockout fabrics offer so much possibility.

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Create Some Darkness

Sometimes a really dark room is required and desired, particularly in bedrooms and living rooms.  The quality of your sleep can be impacted by light and so the darker the room, the more soundly you will rest.

For complete enjoyment of a cinema effect when watching movies, the darker the room the better.  Light can reflect off the screen and interrupt your viewing quality.  There is also nothing like the ambiance of a dark room for a movie.

Blockout curtains are a great solution for both of these issues, with the added bonus of adding beautifully to your interior style, reducing noise and providing insulation to your home.


Luxurious Lining

Our team at Rundle Blinds & Curtains recommend applying a 3 pass blackout lining fabric to the back of your curtain fabric to achieve the best blockout curtain effect.

3 pass blackout lining fabric is a 3 layer coating on the reverse side of your curtain fabric.  Essentially a black layer encased in two white layers, which achieves optimal room darkening from your curtains.  Besides, room darkening, sound proofing and insulation, the added lining also gives a more luxurious look to the fall of yourcurtains.


Blockouts Save You Money

Blockout curtains can help with your household bills by providing insulation both in winter and summer.  They keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter allowing you to save on power expenses.

Additionally, having completely lined curtains also protects your actual curtain fabric and your interiors from sun bleaching and deterioration.  Fabrics stay fabulous and fresh for many years to come giving you enduring style.


Cosy and Decorative

Blockout curtains can really make your space feel comfortable and cosy.  The array of beautiful fabrics and decorative designs also means you have so much more scope for creating a bespoke interior look with your home.

From colour to texture and designs, the fabric choices with blockout fabrics really enable you to make your curtains a design feature, in turn creating warmth, homeliness and comfortable living in your home.

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