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Fabrics for Curtains & Sheers

When it comes to choosing fabrics for your curtains, there are a few factors to consider like the durability and the drapery of the fabric which will affect the life and look of your curtains. The fabric characteristics need to suit the utility of the room where the curtains will hang.

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Linen is perfect for sheer curtains where you want more of a finished look.  Although billowy, the structural qualities of the linen fabric give the sheer curtains more body and volume in the fall of the curtains. 

Being a natural fibre, linen is also breathable, sustainable, biodegradable and naturally moth resistant.  Linen is also strong, durable and will give your curtains longevity.

If you want to add some textural depth to your window furnishings, then linen is a good choice.



Silk is a great fabric choice for curtains as it offers so many possibilities due to its variations in weight and texture.

The smooth sheen of taffeta is perfect for a luxurious look where you might also require privacy. A lighter weighted silk fabric, such as organza, can be used for billowy sheers to achieve a more contemporary look.  Raw silk has an organic look that compares to cotton and drapes beautifully. For finishing details, think about light weight silk chiffon.

Silk is a natural fibre but can be susceptible to sun damage, so lining your curtains might be a good option for some rooms.


Polyester Blend

Polyester has so many great qualities when it comes to curtains.  It is cheaper option than most fabrics, durable, easy to clean and wrinkle free.  If you are on a budget and looking for a low-maintenance installation, then polyester curtains might be the best choice for you.  There are many beautiful options that come with a "satin" finish.

Although flammable and absorbs smells quite easily, a polyester blend will block UV rays and provide adequate privacy.



Velvet exudes traditional opulence and elegance thus suiting formal rooms such as dining and lounge rooms.  The heaviness of the fabric allows for beautiful drapery.  However, with recent interior trends, touches of velvet are being used with contemporary furnishings too.

Given velvet is such a heavy fabric, it is a great option for insulating a room, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter.  The room darkening and sound proofing qualities make it great for theatre rooms or other spaces where you are looking to attain a high level of privacy and peace and quiet.

Velvet fabrics come in a huge array of colours and designs making it a viable option for many styles of homes.

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