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Headers, Pleats and Finishing Touches

The finishing details of your curtains have a big impact on the final look of your room. From pleats to tiebacks, there are many details that come together to help create a unique style for your furnishings.

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Pleats Create Your Style

The style of your pleat can have a really big impact on the fall of your curtains and your interior style.  From the soft flow of an s-wave pleat to the tailored look of a triple pinch pleat, you can create a specific look with your window furnishings to suit your interiors or enhance your home's decor. 

Our curtains team can help you decide on which pleat would best suit your fabric choice and your look.  Pleats come in many options including s-wave, reverse, pencil, knife, double pinch, triple pinch, single pinch pleat and eyelet.  A beautiful pleat can even create the effect of a header for your curtains.


Sleek Stackless Pleat

The stackless reverse pleat system is perfect for expansive windows with magnificent views that you want to be able to appreciate.

Large windows can require large amounts of fabric and create wide stacks when the curtains are open, hindering your aspect.   With the stackless reverse pleat system, this is no longer a problem. A stackless pleat reduces the stack to 15-20% of fabric required compared to the 25-30% required of other pleats, saving you money and fabric.

The stackback is so discreet, it's perfect if you have very limited wall space either between or on the side of windows.


Pelmets, Swags and Tails, Tiebacks

When looking for a more traditional and grand look for your windows, pelmets, swags and tails can provide the perfect touch of luxury to any room. 

Pelmets can be created in various shapes, adding an interesting level of depth to your interiors.  They also add another level of insulation.  They don't have to be exclusively used for curtains either and can be tailor made to suit any window size.

Swags and tails add opulence and grandeur to your window furnishings.  They are quite traditional, adding some old school magnificence to your window furnishings.  However, if you prefer, you can create a modern look with fresh fabrics and different designs. 

Add tiebacks in fabric, rope, magnetic and tassel for the final details and a finished look. Both functional and beautiful, there are many options to explore with tiebacks that will add decorative detail to your curtains.




Hide your curtain rods and tracks under a header.  Headers can be custom made in a variety of shapes, materials and colours effectively giving a polished finish to your curtains and window furnishings.

Headers are great for preventing light leakage in to your room via the top of your curtains.  Also adding an element of insulation, they are helpful in both winter and summer for keeping your room temperate.

For a soft finish, and to add depth to your interiors, add a fabric header that either complements or contrasts your curtain fabrics.


The Final Trimmings

There are beautiful detailed trimmings you can add to your curtains that include fringing, pompoms, tassels and even crystals.

These trimmings can be subtle or dramatic and complementary or contrasting to your curtain fabrics.  Make them a standout feature or added fine detail, either way there are so many options to add a level of depth and interest to your window furnishings.

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